Asthmatic Spaces: New York Schedule

Films for class
Kenneth Bock on asthma and integrative medicine

Forecast Earth: Air Aware
A 20 minute video co-produced by The Weather Channel and EPA. In 4 segments: ground level ozone, with an emphasis on asthma; particulate pollution; air pollution in national parks; EPA efforts to mitigate. EPA's Air Quality Index is highlighted throughout. Excellent for class. Download here: Air Now Movies

How Ozone is Formed
EPA animated explanation. Download here: Air Now Movies

Allergy Planet: BBC documentary, available online:

How To Simulate Asthma
Very goofy clip (5 minutes) showing how to stimulate asthma by running around then trying to breathe through a straw. Probably is a good hands on experiment. Also links to other asthma videos, such as talking heads about different asthma drugs.


RPI video showing how ozone data had to be connected to be meaningful.

Trailer mom, with 5 kids (with asthma).

The blue babies video -- though not about asthma directly, it is about what hazardous exposures do to you. And also (like the one above) shows how increcibly articulate moms can be.

Keeping Kids Healthy: Asthma, A Dangerous Epidemic

Children and Asthma: An Introduction

Children and Asthma: New York City

Asthma Free School Zone Rap

NOW with Bill Moyers: Kids and Chemicals (Excerpt 1)

NOW with Bill Moyers: Kids and Chemicals (Excerpt 2)